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We specialize in residential and small business plumbing, drain cleaning, air conditioning and heating service. We employ only the most qualified technicians in the industry and offer the best service available to the Fort Bend County area.

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HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners

If you own a pet (or three!), you know the extra effort it takes to keep your house clean. But did you know that pet hair and dander can also affect indoor air quality and how well your HVAC system works? Here are some ways pet owners can keep their HVAC system functioning efficiently. 1. Clean your home. Regular dusting, mopping and vacuuming can keep pet and other allergens down. Frequent laundering of clothes, bed linens and towels are helpful as well. And don’t forget to wash your pet’s bedding on a regular basis, too. 2. Change your air filters...

Baths vs. Showers: Which is More Efficient?

When it comes to getting clean, some people love a long soak in a warm tub while others prefer the immediate rinsing power of a shower. But for those who are concerned about water usage, the decision may come down to which form of clean is more efficient. By the numbers While you can factor in the size of the bathtub and the depth to which you fill it, a shower will almost always use less water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a full bathtub requires about 70 gallons of water, while taking a five-minute shower uses only...

8 Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

Plumbing problems are never welcome. You know how it goes. You’re hosting guests over the weekend and a toilet overflows. Or a pipe under the kitchen sink decides to spring a minor leak on a major holiday. Or maybe you just can’t stand the way the caulking around the bathtub looks and decide to redo it yourself.  Whether it’s a plumbing problem or a weekend do-it-yourself plumbing project, it helps to have the right tools on hand. 1. Plunger Toilet clogged? This is your go-to tool. And although today’s high performance toilets have virtually eliminated clogging with their design, you...



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