8 Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

Plumbing problems are never welcome. You know how it goes. You’re hosting guests over the weekend and a toilet overflows. Or a pipe under the kitchen sink decides to spring a minor leak on a major holiday. Or maybe you just can’t stand the way the caulking around the bathtub looks and decide to redo it yourself.  Whether it’s a plumbing problem or a weekend do-it-yourself plumbing project, it helps to have the right tools on hand.

1. Plunger

Toilet clogged? This is your go-to tool. And although today’s high performance toilets have virtually eliminated clogging with their design, you may still have a need for a plunger for clogged disposals, slow-draining bathtubs or older toilets that get clogged. (Keep in mind that if a toilet requires plunging on a regular basis, this could mean there is an obstruction down the drainpipe. It may even be a symptom of a bigger problem farther down the sewer line. Have someone take a look.)

2 – 4. Wrenches

There are three different wrenches that come in hand for plumbing projects:

  • Basin wrench, also called a sink wrench, is a self-tightening wrench designed for loosening or tightening fittings in hard-to-reach places. It is especially helpful when changing out a faucet.
  • Adjustable wrench, sometimes called a Crescent wrench, is good for jobs like tightening a showerhead without scratching or damaging the finish.
  • Pipe wrench is good to use on pipes and fittings that are threaded such as those found on an outdoor hydrant. One or two pipe wrenches can be used to provide the leverage needed to unscrew threaded fittings.

5. Plumber’s Tape

Plumber’s tape ensures a watertight seal on threaded plumbing joint connections. It can be used on common household projects like replacing a showerhead or water line connection to prevent leaks.

6. Drain auger

Drain auger is useful for clearing sink and bathtub drains. This long, flexible metal wire with a corkscrew auger attached at the end can be powered either by hand or by electricity to rotate down into the drain line to reach the clog and break up a clog.

7. Locking pliers

Locking pliers are handy for holding things in place, like pipes, nuts and bolts, freeing up your hands to do other parts of the job. Their lever action applies force, but in a very controlled manner.

8. Caulking gun

Caulking gun holds a tube of material (caulk) that is used for sealing cracks and gaps, creating a waterproof or insulating closure. A good silicone caulk is best for sealing around plumbing fixtures, like bathtubs, sinks, toilets and faucets.

While most homeowners can tackle minor plumbing problems successfully, sometimes the problem isn’t as easy to fix as it seems… or worse, it’s actually a major problem. Perhaps the most important plumbing tool you can have on hand is the phone number for a reputable, licensed local plumber!

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