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howell services signSummertime in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, and most of the surrounding locales can get to be pretty warm, frequently pushing the mercury in your thermometer above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. That being the case, people who have lived in this area for a while generally make a point of checking on their cooling systems before the really warm weather arrives.

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Thinking of buying a new air conditioner?

If your cooling system is older than 10 years, you should pay close attention to its performance during stressful times of high heat and humidity. Another way to monitor its performance is to compare your energy bills to prior years, assuming that energy prices themselves have not risen dramatically. If you begin to see an upward trend in costs, it’s very possible that your air conditioner is losing efficiency, and working harder to provide needed cooling.

Truthfully, you don’t even need to see any kind of drop off or diminished performance from your system – you may just want to take advantage of some of the most energy-efficient units on the market today. The method used to evaluate efficiency is known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which in simplest form, represents the cooled air output of an air conditioner compared to the amount of energy that was required to produce that output. The higher the SEER value, the more energy-efficient is the cooling system.

Of course, those air conditioners with the highest SEER ratings are also generally the most expensive to buy, but against that purchase price you can offset the reduced cost of energy to run it. You should also keep in mind that no matter how efficient a system is technically, much of that efficiency can be lost if the system is not correctly sized for the intended home or office building where it will be installed.
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Yes, size matters

If a unit is not sized correctly to handle normal usage, any efficiency gains might literally be out the window. If it is too big for the home, it won’t run often enough and will not provide the kind of air quality that it should.

Conversely, a unit sized too small for its surroundings will work too hard and run too much, thereby negating any energy savings.

The absolute best way to be sure of having the right unit for the right place is to consult with the air conditioning experts, who will visit your home and make note of all the factors which impact efficiency, e.g. number of rooms, number of occupants, quality of duct work, location of furniture, etc.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance

In some cases, all your air conditioning system might need a repair, to replace worn parts, filters, and possibly the refrigerant which helps with the cooling process. This is especially true if your hvac unit is only a few years old, and has not been subjected to long periods of high stress during operation. Minor repairs made right when needed can avoid much costlier expenses later on, when failure causes more severe damage to the system.

A regular program of maintenance provided by Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) specialists can be the best answer for keeping your system up and running at peak efficiency. While homeowners or office personnel may be fine with changing filters or cleaning them, there are other maintenance tasks associated with an air conditioner that really call for a skilled and knowledgeable technician. Cleaning the condenser (the outdoor component) or the evaporator (the indoor unit), and checking the refrigerant level all call for an experienced HVAC specialist’s expertise.

In the western suburbs of Houston, TX, where our primary service area is situated, the HVAC repair experts to contact are those at Howell Services.

All our service personnel are licensed and bonded for this kind of work, and when you contract with us you will have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction on all work done on your behalf.

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