sugar land toilet repairs

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet?

When you are in need of a new toilet in Sugar Land and Southwest Houston you may not know where to start.  There a few things to consider including the look, the flush system, and the installation options that are available to you.  This guide will help you get to the bottom of all of…

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Top Four Methods for Keeping the Air in Your Home Healthy

The quality of air in your home is something we don’t spend a lot of time on when considering those required basic home maintenance tasks. Out of sight, out of mind is usually what happens with something that we cannot see or taste.  But the impact of neglecting this vital component can be felt with…

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5 Things to Do If You Want To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Living with a slow draining kitchen sink can be frustrating.  If the kitchen sink is clogged and the resulting mess is giving off a stink in your home, you must take measures as soon as possible to eliminate the blockage.  Build-up that is present in your sink can signal a larger problem.  If the clog…

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sugarland water heater

Keep in Mind these Houston Water Heater Codes to Avoid Violations

Before a water heater installation or replacement occurs in Houston, a permit should be obtained. The permit stipulates that only a licensed plumber who understands the state and local plumbing codes should conduct the process. Since a wrongly-installed water heater presents a lot of risks to a home’s occupants, these codes are vital to ensure…

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