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Before a water heater installation or replacement occurs in Houston, a permit should be obtained. The permit stipulates that only a licensed plumber who understands the state and local plumbing codes should conduct the process. Since a wrongly-installed water heater presents a lot of risks to a home’s occupants, these codes are vital to ensure…

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Maintaining an efficient HVAC (Heating-Venting-Air Conditioning) system requires regular maintenance and improvement. An air conditioning system that runs at optimum levels saves energy while providing sufficient cooling in the warm seasons. A majority of homeowners and business owners make the mistake of assuming that the air conditioning unit is functioning at maximum efficiency. Just because…

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hvac installation richmond tx

Even though the true dog days of summer are still officially months away, the occasional warm spring day may have you turning on the air conditioning…or, at least, considering it. Knowing how important it is to have fully functioning AC in Sugar Land, it’s never too soon to make sure your HVAC system is tuned…

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You’ve probably heard the terms “hard water” and “soft water,” but what is the difference? And how do you know what kind of water you have in your home? The “hardness” of water depends on the levels of calcium and magnesium it contains. The higher those levels, the “harder” the water. “Soft” water tends to…

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sugar land plumber

If you’re a homeowner, you know how expensive some plumbing repairs can be. And if you’re a handy homeowner, you might often make (or attempt to make) those repairs yourself to save money. While many repairs are simple enough to handle on your own, some require knowledge of building and plumbing codes that the average…

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