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Beat the Heat without Breaking Your Budget by Eliminating Uneven Home Cooling

Traditional air conditioning systems operate with a single thermostat located in a central part of your home. The system assumes that the temperature at this one spot is the actual temperature throughout the house and is happy to stick with it. The problem is that every room is different, both in composition and utility. For instance, your traditional thermostat may be located in a brightly lit dining room where sunlight strikes the unit itself. This will cause the thermometer to spike, leading to your system becoming overactive.

Another issue is if the thermostat is located in a cool, dark, place. You will be finding yourself continuously setting it lower just to make the more sunlit rooms comfortable. The problem to this is singular – as in the singular thermometer. Having just one zone makes it impossible to effectively control the temperature in every room adding wear, tear, and cost to your summer cooling bills. Here are some other common causes for uneven cooling and solutions you can have your friendly Howell Services certified HVAC contractor provide today.

Save Money by Only Cooling the Rooms You Use

One of the easiest ways to introduce uneven cooling in a home is to block the vent. The blockage could be caused by furniture, the setting on the vent itself, or even dust and debris clogging the ductwork. Have your vents and ductwork inspected to make certain that air can flow freely. Afterwards simply set each vent to your preference to make certain only the rooms you want cooled are. There are even smart vents on the market for those looking to be able to control airflow from their phones.

Control Your Environment

After ductwork, one of the greatest challenges to making certain your entire home is cooled to your desired level is the impact sunlight and the world-famous Texan heat has on the windows, walls, and even the air that the sunlight heats up as it strikes your carpet. The best way to prevent this challenge from arising is to keep the windows closed and covered.

Environmental factors are among the first things HVAC contractors check when dealing with uneven cooling. Make their lives easier, and save yourself some money, by looking around your home to spot sources where outside heat can come in. There are even many automated tools that can open and close blinds depending on differing circumstances.

Keep the Fan On

For mild cases of uneven cooling the solution may be as simple as turning your HVAC’s fan from “auto” to “on.” The constantly flowing air will force dirt to get stuck in the filter while making certain that the air throughout your home is the same.

Before deciding to turn it on full time it is important to have the system checked out to make certain that the motor can withstand long-term usage. One of our HVAC contractors can quickly check every component and eliminate any doubt that your home will be cooled in the most efficient manner possible. If you integrate multi-zone technology it is even possible to maximize the cooling potential by having the always-on fan only blow out of vents in poorly cooled rooms.

Go Beyond Wall Units with Modern Technology

You are no longer stuck using wall-mounted and hardwired thermostats to control your home’s HVAC system. With the right thermostat, array of sensors, and network bridge it is possible to create a system that monitors the temperature in every room and gives you the power to alter settings from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Many companies like Nest offer tools that will make it feasible for you to never have to touch your wall unit again. Speak with a friendly HVAC contractor today to see what array of modern equipment may best suit your home and life.

Contact Howell Services to have your air conditioning system inspected, modernized or repaired by an experienced HVAC contractor today.

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