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If you’re a homeowner, you know how expensive some plumbing repairs can be. And if you’re a handy homeowner, you might often make (or attempt to make) those repairs yourself to save money. While many repairs are simple enough to handle on your own, some require knowledge of building and plumbing codes that the average…

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If your home was built before the 1970s and has never been remodeled, or if you’re constantly having plumbing issues, it’s highly likely the pipes need replacing. But the cost of replacing a home’s plumbing can be quite high, so it’s important to recognize when the time has come. Here are five signs that your…

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When cold weather arrives, the windows and doors are closed for the duration, improvements are made to your home’s insulation, and the thermostat gets cranked up. But while these actions make your house feel cozy and warm, they may also reduce the quality of the air you are breathing. With means of ventilation closed off,…

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