Clogged Drains

As a homeowner, you probably do not give a lot of thought to your plumbing system.  Until there is a plumbing problem like a clogged drain.  Drains clog happen and they usually require a licensed, professional plumber to provide drain cleaning services to prevent them from becoming larger issues.  When they occur, Howell Services is here to help!

Clogged Drains Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home


When clogged drains overflow, they can damage your home, causing extensive water damage. Grease and chemical-induced clogs can eventually corrode your pipes. Bacteria can grow at the spot of the clog, posing a serious health risk for your family. Odors originating at the point of the clog can emanate throughout your home. Those clogs can force water into other areas through leaks in your pipes. Walls and floors could start to stain or warp. Our Texas heat can cause bugs to be drawn to the area of the clog, creating a pest problem in your home.

Clogged Drains – The Usual (and Unusual) Suspects

While we often consider hair as the number one culprit of clogged drains, especially in the shower, there are so many other causes that could be causing your drains to be clogged.

  • Fat, Oil, and Grease – these substances do not break down and build-up to create a drain clog. Try not to throw eggshells, fats, fruit peels, and cooking oil down your drain.
  • Bar Soap – The residue, especially when combined with hair, can create clumps that clog your drain. 
  • Liquid soaps are the better option, they move easier through your pipes and do not create soap scum.
  • Toys and Other Foreign Objects– Smaller toys and toy parts can disappear into your drain, sometimes without you noticing it.
  • Toilet Paper – In larger amounts, toilet paper can clog your drain.
  • Paper Towels, Tissue, and Kleenex – These are thick and are not meant to be disposed of in the trash can, not the toilet.
  • Feminine Products – Even thicker than paper towels and designed to expand when wet, these are certainly not meant for the toilet.
  • Nature – Your tree toots can venture into your pipes if they find a leak.  This is a costly predicament and should only be handled by a professional plumber and the tools that we employ. Minerals in hard water can also cause problems when they build up and prevent drainage.  A water softener can solve this problem. Give Howell Services a call to discuss your options.
  • Baby Wipes – As the label says, do not flush these handy wipes.  Throw these into the trash cans to save your drains.

When these problems occur, and especially if your drain is continually clogging, it is time to call in the pros. Call us at 281-232-5292 or visit to schedule your drain service today.

Let the Professionals at Howell Services Handle Your Clogged Drains

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Leaving your clogged drains can lead to larger, more costly repairs.  Especially when they worsen as food and waste are added to already existing clogs. Howell Services is here for you! We offer drain repairs and maintenance and are equipped to find and solve your clogged drain problem. Our licensed and professional plumbing technicians are experts in handling a host of plumbing issues.

Call on Howell Services:

  • To Put a Stop to Repeat Clogs
  • To Ensure the Job is Done Correctly the First Time
  • To Find and Remedy Even the Most Hidden Drain Clogs
  • To Avoid Costly Repairs in the Long Run
  • To Handle Your Emergency Plumbing Issues Immediately
  • To Regularly Maintain and Clean Your Drain
  • To Identify Structural Issues

Howell Services is a local, experienced plumbing service that has been servicing Sugar Land and the surrounding communities for nearly two decades. We are bonded and insured. We offer Weekend Appointments.

We can help you correct drain clogs, maintain your pipes, and handle your emergency plumbing needs. Our local plumbers keep up with the latest in plumbing technology and methodology, use the best products and materials, and are ethical when working with our clients.

Whether at your home or business, Howell Services can get in and assess your problem and use the right tools to get the job done.  Our high-speed rooter equipment can get even the most stubborn clogs out of your way. Howell Services is budget-friendly, and our customer service team is the best in the business.

To learn more and schedule your Sugar Land plumbing and drain clean services call 281-232-5292 or visit  We also offer emergency plumbing services; you can learn more here

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