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commercial hvac appWe are pleased to offer our commercial customers an innovative technology that provides increased operating efficiency for your HVAC system.

Tired of wasting time fielding complaints about too warm or too cold by your building residents and tired of wasting money trying to locate the real source of the problem? Our budget-friendly, advanced, intuitive system allows you to monitor your building’s climate in real-time, either from your computer or an easy-to-use mobile app, so that you can locate problems and fix them quickly.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to suit the needs of our customers, both residential and commercial. Let us help you lower your HVAC costs by achieving and maintaining a more uniform climate within your building.  Call today to schedule an estimate: (281) 232-5292

Benefits Of Our Commercial HVAC Service And Wireless Technology:

  • One gateway can connect up to 2000 thermostats to the Internet.
  • Increased energy efficiency, resulting in overall cost savings
  • Ability to achieve and maintain consistent airflow and temperature in your building
  • User-friendly operation, with plug-and-play installation
  • Owner or building manager has immediate control of the system without a steep learning curve
  • Ability to instantly identify source of problems within the HVAC system for a fast fix
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring with alerts
  • Save money - Your HVAC only runs in occupied spaces.

For Peace of Mind, We Monitor Your Building’s Climate.

We can monitor your building's temperature remotely. For example, if the HVAC unit cooling in a room stops for as little as 30 minutes, that could be disastrous to a hospital or office complex with millions of dollars of computer equipment. With our climate control solution, we can establish benchmarks to help reduce energy usage, increase overall revenue, and monitor the climate in your space(s).

Save energy in unoccupied spaces.

The TA1 can accept a dry contact input from any third-party occupancy sensor. When the occupancy sensor detects a room is empty, the TA1 automatically adjusts the thermostat temperature to a set point to save energy. Ultimately saving you money - your HVAC only runs in occupied spaces.

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