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Why Do My Drains Need Maintenance?

The drain and sewer lines in your home serve critical roles in your plumbing system.  They ensure that unsanitary wastewater is removed from your home to keep your family safe from contamination.  Drain and sewer line problems can arise, keeping harmful wastewater in your home.  

Maintaining your drains involve keeping your drains and toilets clear of anything that can clog them. It also involves scheduling an annual drain and sewer line maintenance service each year. Sticking to these two tasks will keep your drains and sewer line in good shape. You can depend on the experienced professionals at Howell Services to provide maintenance and resolve your drain and sewer line issues.

How Do Drains and Sewer Lines Get Clogged?

While sewer lines are built to be resilient, they can wear down over time and aren’t indestructible. They manage wastewater and sewage just fine but can easily get clogged when foreign substances enter them.

Drains and sewer line clogs are commonly caused by tree roots penetrating them in search of water. Mud can also seep into your sewer line from small cracks. Trash that has been disposed of in drains and toilets can also clog your sewer lines. Fats, oils, and grease that are disposed of in kitchen drains can congeal in pipes causing clogs. Hair that enters drains through showers can also cause backups. Toys and other items that mysteriously disappear often end up in drains and sewer lines.

Drain & Sewer Services

Howell Services Offers Complete Drain & Sewer Services in Sugar Land and Surrounding Communities

When you need annual maintenance, drain, and sewer repair and replacement, Howell Services is here for all your drain and sewer needs.  Our experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle your job. Our proven methods and effective tools for drain clogs and sewer line inspection ensure that your problem is diagnosed correctly and repaired quickly and in the most efficient way possible. 

We offer a variety of drain and sewer line services including:

Drain Cleaning

Know that our licensed and experienced plumbing professionals can resolve issues caused by soap residue, hair, and fats oils, and grease that ends up in your drains.  Clogs often happen in sinks and shower drains, contaminating the water in your home and damaging your drains and sewer lines. It is important to get them cleaned as soon as you detect a problem.

While chemical drain cleaners are popular options because they are simply a quick fix. But they are temporary solutions that can cause larger problems.  Howell Services can also provide preventive maintenance to remove build-up that can cause damaging clogs.

Drain Repairs

Over time drains can corrode or become damaged.  Howell Services can quickly identify the problem and effectively resolve the issue the first time.

Pipeline Inspection

Your pipes are put through the wringer throughout their lifetime.  It is best to have a clear picture of their current condition. Howell Services can perform a pipeline inspection, examining all your pipes as well as the appliances that use water to keep your plumbing system at peak performance.

Sewage Pump Repair, Service, and Installation

Sometimes gravity cannot eliminate all the wastewater in your home and a sewage pump is needed. Howell Services can help you by repairing or maintaining your existing sewage pump.  If you discover that you need one, we can expertly install it for you.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer lines are sometimes clogged with mud, tree roots, or the grease, fats, and oils that are put down your drains.  When these things start to build up and clog your sewer line the issue can become a large problem very quickly.  Taking care of the problem on your own is not the answer.  

As the main sewer drain is not easily accessible, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber.  Pros can find the location and cause of the problem, handle the problem, and ensure your sewer lines are open. Our team can provide expert sewer cleaning services to avoid this from happening in your home.  

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When to Call a Plumber for a Drain Clog

Look for these signs around your home that signal the need to call in a professional to handle your drain clogs:

  • Slow draining water in sinks, showers, or tubs
  • Unpleasant odors emanating from the drains in your home
  • Toilet water that bubbles

We discuss this more on our blog, feel free to read it

Howell Services Cleans Drains and Sewer Lines Right the First Time

We are local plumbers that provide long-lasting resolutions to your drain and sewer problems.  Professional drain cleaning ensures that the clog is fully cleared from your drain and sewer line.  Call Howell Services Today for drain and sewer services in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas.

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