Five Signs Your Sewer Line Is at Risk

A home’s sewer line is a vital component of a home’s infrastructure that directly impacts the quality of life that a family is able to enjoy. When it is functioning normally you will not have any reason to think of it, though when trouble strikes there will be precious little else you could care to concern yourself with. Here are five signs that it is time to consider calling in a Sugar Land plumbing specialist to have a look at your sewer line:

Frequent Lawn Flooding

If a specific section of your lawn constantly floods for no discernible reason than you may be dealing with piping issues. A good way to check this is to see if flooding occurs shortly after a great deal of water is used by your family, say after everyone has taken a shower.

There may be many reasons why plumbing may break. Two of the most common are roots and general aging. Your friendly Sugar Land plumbing technician will be able to help you identify the core cause and implement a solution that takes care of it quickly.

Constantly Slow-Moving Drains

Slow-moving sinks, toilets, and bathtubs can only mean one thing – something is gumming up the works. The average family flushes away a large number of items that can thicken to form pipe blocking masses every day. Hair, fats, paper, and even parts of the water itself (calcium, lime) can combine to create blockages that work in a manner identical to how cholesterol can block a person’s vein.

Regular maintenance requires the utilization of devices and treatments that go in and bust away potential blockages before they lead to anything more than an inconvenience. If you are beginning to notice sluggish drains, note which drains are impacted and contact one of Howell Services’ trained experts today.

Sudden “Dip” In Your Yard

A sudden change in the composition of your lawn may be the result of extra liquids “leeching” away at the soil immediately below the surface. This in turn will lead to a slight sinking as the ground adjusts. If you are finding yourself pushing a lawnmower up a new slope it may be time to turn to a professional plumbing specialist to make certain that nothing is amiss.

Your Yard Smells Like a Sewer

Many sewer lines run close to the surface, so close in fact that a leak may result in contamination being up high enough for a scent to be noticeable. If you smell something exceptionally foul coming from your lawn the first thing you should do is call in a professional. Keep animals and children away from the impacted spot in the meantime due to the risk of spreading disease.

Very Old System/Years Since the Last Inspection

Older homes utilize pipes made of a material other than PVC, most common forms of metal well known to corrode and weaken over the course of decades. If your home is especially old, say dating back before the 1950s or 1960s, then it is imperative that you determine what piping is in use in your home and what actions may be needed to ensure that your sewer needs are handled by the best possible plumbing solution.

Being proactive with maintaining your sewer lines is the best way to minimize the risk of potential issues arising from poorly performing plumbing. It is vastly cheaper to spot a small issue and have it treated than allow it to grow and negatively impact every other part of your home life.

Call Howell Services to have your sewer lines inspected, repaired, or replaced by experienced plumbing specialists.

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