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Five Things You Can do to Keep Your Water Heater from Crying

There are few things more distressing than coming home to find your water heater throwing a temper tantrum, crying up a river in your basement. Keeping it happy and tear-free does not have to be a challenge – here are five simple things you can do today to help your water heater stay dry-eyed for years to come. However, if it does fail do not hesitate to contact a nearby plumber in Richmond, TX. Howell Services is ready to dry your water heater’s tears around the clock.

Take the Pressure Off

As strange as it may sound, being able to vent water is an essential part of keeping your water heater healthy. Discharge it a couple of times per year by quickly pressing the valve a couple of times. Check afterward to make certain that there is no leak around the valve. If it is – calls us for a quick inspection. Small problems can be fixed with ease!

Keep the Tank from Getting an Upset Stomach

Water, more precisely the impurities in it, slowly damage modern iron water tanks. To prevent this from happening, something called a “sacrificial anode rode” is inserted into the tank. It dissolves first, protecting the tank. The anode rod typically lasts five years, but it can be changed before then if you feel like it is getting too corroded to do its job.

Your Water Heater Sucks Up Dirt Like a Vacuum

Sediment can build up in a water tank regardless of how clean the incoming water may be. This build-up can damage the bottom of the tank and ruin the quality and taste of the water.

Getting rid of the build-up is simple. All you have to do is drain the tank, turn on the cold water inlet for a few moments, and repeat until no sediment comes out. This is best done on a day when you can go a bit without hot water since you will have to wait for the water heater to get itself situated afterward.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Insulation serves two purposes for your water heater. The first is reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the treated water at the desired temperature. The second is to protect the water heater from changing environmental conditions inside your home. Imagine if the heater goes out while you are on winter vacation – the insulation will help keep the water heater from cracking due to the temperature variation.

Unlike buying a coat for your children, this is typically a one-time only expense. Most of the pipes can be covered with 3/8th inch thick self-stick foam insulation. However, if the pimple is less than a foot from the flue then use an unfaced fiberglass pipe that is at least an inch thick.

A Bad Connection Makes Your Pipes Sad

Plumbing issues, both at the connector sites and outlets, can severely reduce the life expectancy of your water heater and raise your water bill. Inspect as much of your plumbing as often as possible to spot any issues.

Try to use compression fittings if you do need to fix anything yourself. They are much easier to install than traditional copper pipes, which require soldering.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help extend the life of your water heater. Remember this one simple thing – if you have any doubt about your plumbing or water heater it is highly recommended that you call a plumber. A quick inspection by a local plumber in Richmond, TX, can help keep your water heater from crying a river one day when you are at work!

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