Professional Gas Leak Detection and Repair

The gas lines in your home can wear over time. As seasons change, gas lines expand and contract. This expansion and contraction can lead to cracks that cause gas leaks. It’s essential to attend to a gas leak as soon as possible. Natural gas is hazardous, so immediate action is required when you suspect a gas leak.

Causes of Gas Leaks

A myriad of issues can cause gas leaks. The plumbing professionals at Howell Services can detect a gas leak, determine the cause, and make the necessary repairs effectively and efficiently. Common causes include:

  • Aged / Damaged Gas Lines.
  • Cracks caused by age, tree roots, or digging can cause natural gas to seep into your home.
  • Improperly installed gas lines or appliances.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Review these signs and ensure that the entire family knows them and what to do if they suspect a natural gas leak.

Strong Odor: Mercaptan is added to the gas supply since natural gas is colorless and odorless. If you have a gas leak, you may smell sulfur or rotten eggs. 

Sounds: Hissing or whistling sounds emanating from appliances or gas lines as the gas escapes may alert you to a natural gas leak.

Sickness: Exposure to natural gas may cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, or eye and throat irritation. 

Bubbling Water: Bubbling water is an indication of a gas leak.

Foliage: Plants may begin to wither or die due to a gas leak.

Changes in the Air: Significant gas build-up may cause the air in your home to look foggy.

What to Do if You May Have a Gas Leak

A natural gas leak can be life-threatening, causing asphyxiation. A gas leak can also cause a fire or an explosion. A tiny spark from a lit match, flipping a switch, or static electricity from your mobile phone can ignite the natural gas present. 

If you suspect a gas leak, the first thing you should do is evacuate everyone from your home. Don’t attempt to start your car. Walk away from the house and then call CenterPoint Energy and 911. A CenterPoint Energy technician will turn off the gas in your home.

Your next call should be to your trusted emergency plumber at 281-232-5292 to determine the cause of your gas leak. Gas Leaks take precedence at Howell Services. We will immediately dispatch our licensed and experienced plumbers will make the necessary repairs.

Plumbing Maintenance is Key

Plumbing maintenance is the best defense against gas leaks and other emergency plumbing situations. The Howell Services Plumbing Maintenance Program Club offers regularly scheduled safety inspections to offer proactive maintenance. Our licensed, non-commissioned plumbing professionals can confidently make recommendations that you can trust, backed by the best warranty in our industry.

Call Howell Services

Gas line repair should be resolved immediately by an experienced and licensed plumber. Trust Howell Services to test for and locate natural gas leaks and repair them quickly. We serve Sugarland and the surrounding communities as gas leak detection specialists.

Howell Services is certified, endorsed, and recommended for all types of gas piping systems. Call our 24/7 emergency line at 281-232-5292 or schedule your gas line repair online.

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