Howell Services - Sewer Line Damage Requires Immediate Repair

Houston plumbers, Howell Services, announces 10% off sewer line replacement during September. It is imperative to ensure your septic system is working as it should. Preventative maintenance can help you catch problems early, you can save yourself time and money. With the technological advances available in plumbing today, there are non-invasive approaches to check for…

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10% off sewer line replacement with Howell Services

Howell Services is announcing 10% off sewer line replacement work. Sewer line replacement can be expensive, with the traditional method of digging up to replace averaging $50 to $250 per foot, according to most consumer sites. The trenchless process, which requires minimal digging, costs from $60 to $250 per foot. Replacing an entire sewer line…

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Howell Services 50% off special

Your water bill accounts for a big portion of your monthly utility budget. It doesn’t take a huge leak diagnosed by your Sugar Land plumbing contractor for you to see a rise in your water bill from month to month. If you are like most people, you are always looking for a way to save…

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15% off with Howell Services on new accessory install

Imagine for a moment your upcoming family visit with your parents that you’ve been planning since Christmas. The kids are bouncing off the walls, excited to see Grammy and Papa, and even the dog seems to sense the excitement in the air. The fridge is stocked full of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The lawn looks…

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