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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet?

When you are in need of a new toilet in Sugar Land and Southwest Houston you may not know where to start.  There a few things to consider including the look, the flush system, and the installation options that are available to you.  This guide will help you get to the bottom of all of these concerns and have you on your way to enjoying your new toilet in no time. 

How Much Will A Toilet Cost Me?

The first thing most homeowners want to know is what toilets usually cost. The toilet itself will range between $200 and $400, depending on the design and flush system that it uses. Here we take a look at the options available and the top brands. 

Top Brands In Toilets

Even in toilets, there are choices to be made in terms of the look and specifications that match your needs.  These brands dominate the field. 

Kohler Wellworth K-3998-0, this affordable choice is a dual flush system available in two different gallons per flush choices.  Remember that the dual slush is intended to conserve water.  The Wellworth is priced around $200, making it a reasonably priced option. 

The Toto Drake II Elongated Bowl is perfect when you are concerned with accessibility.  The higher seat makes it easier for everyone to enjoy.  This quiet unit is also one of the more affordable options and flushes at 1.28 gallons per flush. The Toto Drake II ranges from $300 to a little over $400. 

American Standard offers a siphon flush system that uses less water.  This classically styled toilet is easy to install and affordable.  Keep in mind that the seat must be purchased separately. The American Standard is priced at around $250.

Swiss Madison Ivy has an elongated design and a quiet flush.  This easy to maintain toilet has a grooveless design that works in smaller, more modern bathrooms. Priced from $300, the Swiss Madison offers an upscale option for buyers. 

The Saniflo 023 is a self-contained toilet that works perfectly in tiny bathrooms.  The unit can be connected to the sink and has a powerful vertical pumping system. Since it is self-contained, expect to spend around $900 for this entire system. 

The Variety of Toilets Available 

There are various toilets on the market ranging from your very basic toilet to high-tech smart toilets. Bowls are often either the more modern elongated shape or, the more traditional round shape.  There is more than just an aesthetic difference between the two.  Round bowls are less expensive and take up less space, of course, but the more oval-shaped elongated bowls provide a larger seating area.  The elongated bowls also have a smaller rim inside – making it easier to reach a cleaning brush.  

Types of Flush Systems

It’s incredible the number of options available in terms of the flush systems.  

  • Rear Flush Systems offer a higher pressure due to the devices inside that provide more power to each flush.  
  • Gravity Flush Systems relies on gravity to pull waste into the pipes and uses quite a bit of water to get the job done. 
  • Pressure-Assisted Flush Systems uses pressurized air to push water into the bowl.  Larger bowls would benefit from the power that this system provides. 
  • Tank Fill Valve Systems uses a floating ball attached to a rod to fill the tank.  The plunger is activated by the rod, allowing the water to flow into the tank or preventing it from doing so. 
  • Dual Flush Systems are great for conserving water.  The standard flush is used for solid waste, and the water-saving flush handles all liquids. 
  • Vacuum-Assisted Flush Systems push air into the vent pipe before opening for waste.  The resulting vacuum then pulls through the waste. 
  • Double Cyclone Flush Systems employee’s two nozzles and a propulsion system to circulate water in a cyclone motion. 
  • Flapper-Flush Valve Systems uses a flapper that opens and closes via a plate hinged on the side.  The flapper is connected to a chain that will allow and stop water flow into the tank. 

How Much Will it Cost to Have a Toilet Installed?

Licensed Sugar Land plumbers are skilled in installing toilets.  While installing your own toilet is possible, the task is often best left up to the professionals.  Taking up DIY toilet repairs can damage the flowing, leaks, and other problems that will result in calling in the professionals for a more costly fix. 

When choosing a Sugar Land plumber, check for the needed licensing and insurance.  Check their references and ask for a detailed estimate in writing and details of any offered warranty on the installation. When replacing the toilet, plumbers have to handle turning off the main supply line and getting all of the other facets of the job.  But how much will it cost you? 

In addition to the toilet’s cost, you will spend around $200 to have a professional come in and complete the job for you.  Your plumbing professional will charge you will depend on the model being installed and any special features it may have. It will also make a difference if you are installing a new toilet or replacing an old one.  

If unexpected problems arise during installation, this can increase your labor costs. Usually, a plumber performs the following tasks to accomplish toilet installation:

  • Turning off the Main Water Line 
  • Assessing the Shut-Off Valve
  • Draining the toilet being replaced and inspecting the flange
  • Positioning the new toilet, connecting and testing it to ensure that it is functioning properly

All of these steps in the process are second nature to plumbing professionals.  Licensed plumbers can run through the installation efficiently and handle any problems that present themselves along the way.  Call Howell Services, your local Sugar land Plumber, to handle all of your plumbing needs, including choosing the right toilet for your family and having it professionally installed. 

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