How should you shop for a toilet?

Deciding on which new toilet to select for your bathroom can be difficult.  There are so many options and styles from which to choose. It can seem overwhelming deciding on a toilet to fit all of your needs.  While these aren’t the bathroom’s prettiest part, they serve one of the essential functions in our lives.  

Homeowners have to consider their budget, lifestyle, and the look they would like for their bathroom.  Things like cost, color, and height are up all considerations.  But what about the amount of water it will use and how efficiently it gets the job done. Here we help direct you through the shopping process by providing all of those things you should consider before making your purchase.

Can It Be a DIY Fix?

Once you’ve decided to replace your toilet, you have to decide which toilet and install it.  While do-it-yourself is an option, hiring a plumber can give you peace of mind.  You simply provide them with a call, and they handle all of the work.  And some circumstances require a licensed professional.

If you feel comfortable with the process and know the workings of plumbing fixtures, you may handle the project yourself with a little direction. But it’s important to note that toilets are complicated.  To ensure that you don’t end up with leaks, floods, or inadequate performance, it is recommended that you employ a licensed plumber to install your toilet. When problems arise during complications, they have the know-how to handle them.

Having a plumber on the job also helps while you are deciding which kind of toilet to purchase. They work with various brands and can lend their experience to your purchasing decision.

What to Consider When Buying A Toilet

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Here are things that you should consider before making your purchase.

1. Find Out What Innovations Each Toilet Offers

There are toilets today that are self-cleaning.  Some even come equipped with antimicrobial properties that help to keep them clean and looking their best.  Some toilets will help you with the cost of water. With advanced hydraulic designs, they flush at fewer gallons per flush and work just as well.   Keep in mind that when you go with custom designs and innovative flush mechanisms, they may cost more to replace or repair.

2. Compare How Each Will Fit into Your Bathroom

When you need something sleek and slim to fit into the bathroom, you should measure for the size that works in your space.  You will want to make a note of the width, depth, and height of your space. Round-front toilets fit perfectly in small bathrooms and are less expensive.

3. Think About Toilet Design

A one-piece toilet is one unit that gives you a seamless look with no areas for dirt and odors to collect in the tank or bowl. Some toilets, like the American Standard, offer a sanitary dam that makes it easy to clean.  If you are looking for comfort, elongated toilets will extend further for an extra sitting room.  These are also available in a compact form for smaller spaces. Toilets are made for every style.  Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or transitional style – there is something out there for you.

4. Decide the Flushing System That Is Right for You

Like the American Standard, VorMax Flushing System, some toilets have a jet that scrubs the bowl each time it is flushed.

5. Find Out About Toilet Performance

Toilets with great flushing power help to avoid clogs.  Look for the MaP score.  This score represents the number of grams of waste that is eliminated with a single flush. Excellent Flushing Performance is indicated by scores of 1,000 g 0 600g.  

6. Think About Your Comfort

When shopping in person, feel free to take a seat and see how it feels to you.  This will ensure that the height and bowl size is right for you.   ADA compliant bowls are 17in. Or 19in.  These bowls are usually preferred by taller, elderly, or have issues with knee and back pain.   

7. Consider Toilet Cost

While you can get pretty inexpensive toilets for less than $100, you will probably be compromising quality. They won’t be as powerful, and their parts won’t last as long.  You should expect to spend between $100 and $600 for a toilet, depending on the features. For more information on how much homeowners usually spend on toilet replacement, visit

8. Look for Toilet Rebates

High-efficiency toilets (HET) use 1.28 gallons or less are awarded the EPA’s WaterSense label.  These toilets save about 4,000 gallons of water per person each year.  Check with your utility company to see if they offer rebates for installing one of these toilets.

What Toilets do Plumbers Recommend?

There are several toilets on the market that plumbers recommend for various reasons.  Here are five that are worth a look.

  • American Standard ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet

This toilet will clean and remove stains with a single flush.  With two cleaning cycles and a cleaning solution, it delivers a fresh and clean bowl every time.  The price ranges from $500 – $600.

  • Kohler Cimarron 2-Piece Complete Solution 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet with Slow-Close Seat

This easy-to-install toilet has chair-height seating and the Kohler AquaPiston that releases water from 36 degrees around. The Kohler Cimarron is priced at $250.

  • American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise Right Height Elongated One-Piece with Slow-Close Seat

Power and comfort are offered in a compact one-piece that uses 20% less water than conventional toilets. It has an elongated seat that sits into the space of a round front. This one can be found for $340.

  • Gerber 21-302 Ultra Flush 1.6 GPF Combo Bowl and Tank

This round-front bowl toilet has an extra-large trap way, pressure vessel, and dual-fed siphon jets.  The Gerber Ultra Flush retails for $300.

  • Gerber WS-21-824 Avalanche 1.28 GPF ADA Combo

This is an ADA-compliant model with a higher seat height and a large water surface to keep the bowl clean. You can find it for $280.
When you need to replace a toilet in your home, trust the team at Howell Services.  We have licensed professional plumbers that have helped homeowners in Sugar Land with their toilet repairs and installations for years and are ready to help you.

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