How to Get Better Plumbing at Home

Some Sugar Land residents ensure that they maintain their plumbing systems. But many think about this critical part of the home only when there is a problem. Properly maintaining your plumbing is vital.  Having well-maintained plumbing ensures a cleaner, healthier, and keeps your home in working order.  

Clogs and rust can happen.  Therefore, it is important to take steps yourself and possibly have a professional plumber perform regular preventative plumbing maintenance. Through regular maintenance, small plumbing problems can be prevented or identified early on before they become large problems. 

Howell Services plumbers are experts in plumbing maintenance and repair for the Sugar Land area and surrounding communities.  Call us today to get your system serviced.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Plumbing

Keeping on top of your plumbing system helps to lengthen the life of your pipes. Over time, pipes can weaken and cause leaks throughout your house. Keeping your plumbing system in good shape can help you to save money on your water bills and costly plumbing repairs. The damage a leak can impose on your home can also be very expensive. Avoid these costs by keeping your plumbing system intact.

Keeping Your Plumbing System in Good Shape

There are things you can do to help your plumbing system perform better and remain in good shape for a long time to come.

  • Care for your drains: Make sure that you aren’t putting oils, grease, fruit peelings, and other harmful things down your drains. Throughout the year keep your drains protected by using drain covers to keep troublesome debris out of your drains. Have your drains cleaned regularly by a professional plumber?
  • Water Treatment Systems: Ask us today about a water treatment system.  Available as a whole-house filtration system or water softeners, they can improve the quality of the water coming into your home and reduce damage to your pipes and water heater.
  • Water Heater Checks: It’s recommended that you keep your water heater in good condition and regularly checked.  If there is maintenance that needs to be done or if it is time for a new one, getting this taken care of before it goes out can save you a headache.  Taking your time choosing one can help you to keep costs low. 
  • Check your outdoor hose: When you aren’t using your outdoor water hose, disconnect it.  Do not leave water in the hose that can freeze and cause problems with your pipes.

Knowing When to Call Professional Plumbers

You can, of course, take care of some of this maintenance.  But often, a licensed professional plumber should be left to handle the work. You can handle small clogs yourself with a plunger or auger.  

But if the problem persists, this is when you need to call Howell Services to identify and remedy the problem. This is especially true if the sewer line is backing up into your home.

  • When you have low water pressure throughout your house, a plumber needs to come in and find and fix the blockage. They will also be able to tell you if the problem is occurring outside the home and is a result of the main line.
  • Not having hot water can be a pain, call on the professionals to repair your water heater. They last about 10 years.  Learn more about our water heater repair and installation services.
  • Running toilets are nuisances and are a quick fix for plumbers.
  • Pipe leaks and bursts could occur because of old pipes that need to be replaced, normal wear down over time, or hard freezes. Leaks can cause costly damage around your home including higher water bills, mold and mildew, water spots, and foundation cracks.

Plumbing professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training to handle your plumbing issues efficiently.  They also carry the appropriate equipment with them and can diagnose your plumbing problems quickly.

Howell Services has been helping homeowners with their Sugar Land plumbing maintenance and repairs for years and is waiting to hear from you.  Give us a call at (281) 232-5292. 

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