10% off sewer line replacement with Howell Services

Howell Services Announces 10% off Sewer Line Replacement

Howell Services is announcing 10% off sewer line replacement work. Sewer line replacement can be expensive, with the traditional method of digging up to replace averaging $50 to $250 per foot, according to most consumer sites. The trenchless process, which requires minimal digging, costs from $60 to $250 per foot.

Replacing an entire sewer line for an average household can be expensive, but it depends on the kind of line, the length, and the depth of the existing pipe. It also depends on whether your sewer line connects to the public system or if you have a private septic system.

If you are experiencing obvious septic issues, it may be time to have your sewer line replaced. If you feel your septic system is not working at full capacity or if you have added on to your home but not adjusted your sewer to meet those additional demands, you may want to call a plumbing professional to assess the situation. Howell Services is the premier choice for Sugar Land plumbing.

It is much better to go ahead and proceed with sewer line replacement if there are pending problems rather than waiting until you have a real emergency on your hands it is better to go ahead and have any necessary sewer lines replaced so you don’t have to worry about when a major breakdown of your septic system will occur.

When you consult with the plumber, make sure you ask about any permits that are required. Most septic line projects require permits, so make sure the plumber will acquire those. Because septic line projects do require digging, ask about how your yard will be left when the job is complete. You don’t want to have to spend hours fixing a mess.

Howell Services provides plumbing and sewer line replacement throughout the Houston area. A written estimate is provided before work begins and there are no charges tacked on to your bill. Having served the Houston area for more than a decade, Howell Services treats customers fairly and honestly, only charging for the parts and services the project requires.

Right now, Howell Services is offering a 10% off sewer line replacement. Call 281.232.5292 for more information about Sugar Land plumbing.

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