hvac maintenance with pets

HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners

If you own a pet (or three!), you know the extra effort it takes to keep your house clean. But did you know that pet hair and dander can also affect indoor air quality and how well your HVAC system works? Here are some ways pet owners can keep their HVAC system functioning efficiently.

1. Clean your home.

Regular dusting, mopping and vacuuming can keep pet and other allergens down. Frequent laundering of clothes, bed linens and towels are helpful as well. And don’t forget to wash your pet’s bedding on a regular basis, too.

2. Change your air filters — often.

Pet hair and pet dander – tiny particles of dead skin that shed off your pet’s skin – are caught by the air filter in your HVAC system. Over time, this hair, dander and other household dirt can clog the filter, in turn affecting air quality and airflow. A blocked filter can result in higher power bills. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the best type of filter for homes with pets and allergy sufferers.

3. Clean the air vents.

When you’re vacuuming around the house, make sure to use the hose to suck up dust and dirt that has accumulated on the vents. And don’t forget the floor vents (if you have them); pets like to lie on the place where cool air blow out! It’s also a good idea to remove the vent covers occasionally and wash them with soap and water.

4. Purchase an air purifier.

An air purifier will shoulder some of the burden placed on your air filter. In addition to reducing the amount of pet hair and dander that reach the filter, an air purifier can reduce the amount of other airborne allergens in your home. A HEPA purifier is best and can remove almost all-pet dander from the air in your home before it ever gets to the air filter.

5. Have your pet(s) groomed on a regular basis?

Regular grooming, including bathing and brushing, outside of the home can cut way down on hair and dander inside the home.

6. Schedule regular maintenance with a licensed HVAC service.

Keeping your home, vents and pets clean is important and can go a long way to keeping your HVAC system healthy and running smoothly. However, there is no substitute for a routine checkup that not only includes a thorough cleaning but also a review to identify potential problems and make any necessary repairs.

Howell Services employs only the most qualified technicians in the industry and offers the best service available to the Fort Bend area. Our HVAC technicians are experts in maintenance and repair. We recommend a comprehensive precision tune up and professional cleaning twice year, which includes a thorough 23-point inspection of your system. Call us today for an appointment and keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

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