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Top Four Methods for Keeping the Air in Your Home Healthy

Your home’s air quality is something few people spend an appropriate amount of time considering when tackling basic home maintenance tasks. It is hard to understand the importance of something you cannot see or taste, though the impact of neglecting this vital component can be felt with every sniffle, short breath, and nasty infection you…

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Carbon Monoxide and Your Gas Heater: What Should You Check?

Much as we avoid thinking about it, carbon monoxide kills. Turning on your heater tends to be a process you don’t really think about. Most people aren’t concerned with what their propane heater is doing or the fact that improper maintenance can lead to the potential of deadly carbon monoxide leaks. And while it may…

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11 Surefire Tips for Finding a Great HVAC Contractor

When you need air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, you need it now. You want an experienced, licensed, insured, contractor that can fix your problem quickly, with a minimum of expense. So, how do you find this magical contractor? Here are eleven tips for finding the right air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

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Beautiful home with Mitsubishi A/C Unit

Mini-Splits and Summer Savings!

Homeowners in Texas know that air conditioners and surviving the summer weather go hand in hand. But what happens when your old AC unit isn’t working as efficiently as it could? Consider upgrading to a mini-split. Known for being environmentally friendly, easy to install, and decorator-friendly, a mini-split, also referred to as a “ductless system”,…

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10% off sewer line replacement with Howell Services

Howell Services Announces 10% off Sewer Line Replacement

Howell Services is announcing 10% off sewer line replacement work. Sewer line replacement can be expensive, with the traditional method of digging up to replace averaging $50 to $250 per foot, according to most consumer sites. The trenchless process, which requires minimal digging, costs from $60 to $250 per foot. Replacing an entire sewer line…

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