Keeping it Clean: Why You Should Give Your Showerhead a Scrub

Refreshing showers in the morning get us off to the right start. But when you start to notice that the water isn’t flowing as generously as before, you may wonder what’s happening. The change probably has to do with a not-so-clean showerhead.

Of course, we keep our tubs and showers clean, but your showerhead needs regular cleaning. Cleaning your showerhead is pretty simple. Here we at Howell Services share just why you should clean your showerhead at least once each month and how to do it effectively.

Why You Should Clean Your Showerhead

Mineral deposits tend to build up on showerheads, clogging the water holes. With the hard water we have in Texas, the limescale it contains can slow water flow and decrease water pressure. Not only is a dirty showerhead inconvenient, but it can also present health concerns.

Since the shower is hot and humid, bacteria, mold, and other germs begin to breed. Mycobacterium, a disease-causing bacterium, grows in the slime found inside showerheads.

Signs Your Showerhead is Overdue for a Cleaning

While you may not notice the bacteria and slime buildup on your showerhead as you’re getting ready for the day, there are other signs that it needs cleaning:

  • Water sprays in different directions
  • Some nozzles don’t spray water at all
  • Low water pressure
  • Pink or orange slime is covering the nozzles
  • Crust appears on the showerhead.

How Do Showerheads Get So Dirty?

Showerheads get dirty over time as organic matter, debris, mineral, and slime in the water. And there isn’t much you can do to stop everything that comes through the showerhead.

Cleaning Your Showerhead

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need a gallon-size freezer bag, distilled white vinegar, baking soda, a rubber band, and a clean toothbrush that you’ll set aside specifically for this task. For simple cleanings, there is no need to remove the showerhead. 

Simply fill the freezer bag with vinegar and put it around your showerhead. If you notice that the buildup is extra heavy, add a few tablespoons of the baking soda to the vinegar. Use the rubber band to hold secure the bag. 

Allow the showerhead to soak in the vinegar overnight. After soaking the showerhead, remove the rubber band and run hot water through the showerhead before cleaning away any leftover residue with the toothbrush. Dry the showerhead with a dry cloth.

For a Deep Clean

If your showerhead is in really bad shape, it may need a deeper cleaning: Remove your showerhead and disassemble the fixture.

  • Remove the filter screen with tweezers and hold it under running warm water. 
  • Clean it with a toothbrush to remove mineral deposits. 
  • Allow it to air dry as you move on to the other components.
  • Use a bag or bucket to soak the parts in one cup of white vinegar, 1/3 cup of baking soda, and warm water for thirty minutes. 
  • Use the toothbrush to clean the deposits away. 
  • Ensure the vinegar is out of all showerhead components by cleaning them with warm water and dishwashing liquid. 
  • Dry them and reassemble your showerhead.

While it might be tempting to pull out the bleach for the job, resist the urge. Bleach can damage the gasket and filter screen and discolor your showerhead.

How Often Should You Clean Your Showerhead?

Your showerhead needs a deeper cleaning once each month, but weekly touch-ups help to prevent buildup. Each week, spray your showerhead with a vinegar-based cleaning spray.

Plumbing Maintenance is Important

Keeping your showerhead clean is a part of proper plumbing maintenance. When you properly maintain your plumbing system, you avoid serious issues. We offer the Howell Services Plumbing Maintenance Program to help our customers with maintenance assistance and front-of-the-line service, giving your service calls our highest priority. Choose from our Standard or Lifetime Plumbing Maintenance Programs for under $20 a month. We invite you to learn more about what our programs have to offer.

Call on Howell Services

Maintaining your showerhead and keeping it clean is just that simple. If you notice water sputtering out of your showerhead, our licensed plumbing professional will be able to determine if it’s caused by mineral buildup or if there is another issue. If it’s time for a replacement, you’re in luck! We’re offering a discount of 15% off on new showerheads! 

Howell Services has been providing quality plumbing repair and maintenance services in Sugar Land and the surrounding communities for many years. The team at Howell Services would love the opportunity to serve you! Give us a call at 281-232-5292 or schedule your appointment here today!

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