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Know When You Should Call in a Professional Plumber

Many basic chores around the house can be handled without calling in a professional. Need to clean your rug? Just rent a steam cleaner. Need to set up a swing set? Get that wrench out of the garage. A busted pipe in the kitchen? Well, that is different. A mistake there can wind up costing you dearly, both in time and in the cost involved with replacing everything that could become water damaged. When it comes time to tackle biggest your plumbing challenge, leave it to an experienced Richmond, TX, plumber like those offered by Howell Services. Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between a DIY project and one best left to the pros.

Are the Items Designed to Wear Out?

Common things that need to be swapped out every so often are designed with DIYers like yourself in mind. Pretty much anything you push a lever on or flip a switch for can be swapped out in less than 30 minutes, as long as you have the tools and can follow directions. Some of these items include:

  • Garbage Disposals
  • Internal Parts to Toilets
  • Simple Hoses and Small Fixtures
  • Shower & Sink Fixtures

Pretty much, anything that you can get your hands on may very well be done without calling in outside help. Just make certain you have all the tools you need and have the water to the surrounding pipes shut off before you get started.

Maybe You Can Do It Yourself

There is a fuzzy line between what you can handle on your own and what you should have a professional handle. These are all larger items that can be easily damaged if handled improperly or includes items that you may not mess with often. When determining if to call in a plumber, consider your experience and comfort level in handling machinery and delicate parts. If there is even the slightest doubt call in a professional.

  • Washing Machines
  • Whole Toilets
  • New Fixtures
  • Dish Washers

There is nothing wrong with admitting you may need help. Have an expert show you how to handle tricky spots so you will be prepared in the future.

Times You Should Always Call in a Professional

There are situations in which calling in a professional is always warranted. For instance, don’t try to dig out and replace the pipe that branches off the street’s main. The general rule of thumb is that if it requires a pipe to be swapped out, a large fixture replaced, or a new line dug, call in a pro. Here are some of the common things warrants a professional’s touch:

  • Sewer Line Backing Up
  • Kitchen Pipe Burst
  • Water Heater Goes on Strike
  • Water Filters
  • Your Front Yard Turns into a Swamp and it’s not Your Sprinklers
  • The Basement Becomes an Underground Lagoon

Beyond this list, tack on anything you have never handled before and really don’t have time to learn how to do in a crisis. Simply shut off the water to your home and call in a professional. You risk increasing the damage to your home and property by trying to tackle a complex plumbing repair or replacement by yourself, especially if you do not know exactly what needs to be remedied. Our team is ready to remedy the problem when it strikes, so don’t waste time fretting about possible home fixes. Your family and pocketbook will thank you afterward.

Keep your feet dry and pocketbook safe by having a professional tackle your plumbing issues. The fine folks at Howell Services have seen everything imaginable with regards to Richmond, TX, plumbing.

Don’t put off the repair when you can get it handled with just a single phone call! 

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