Leaking Faucets & Faucet Repair

Leaky faucets happen and sometimes you don’t know that they have. Undetected water leaks can quickly become costly problems and too complicated to take care of on your own. Even worse, you may waste hundreds of gallons of water each month when they go unattended. 

When you have a dripping or leaking faucet or signs of a leak, it’s important that you call a licensed plumber as soon as possible for faucet repair.

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Common Faucet Leaks

There are several causes of leaky faucets, and they happen more often in certain faucets in the home. Usually, worn-out washers and sediment build-up that make faucets hard to turn are the culprits. Worn O Rings in the tap can allow water to leak close to the handle. Plumbing parts and faucets can also loosen or break, causing a leak.

Some leaks hide beneath sinks. Call us right away when you notice moisture as they may cause damage to your cabinets, walls, and floors. Shower stalls leak because of damaged tile or missing grout.  A leak may be occurring inside the walls, but this is less common.

Toilets leak most often at the base or where the tank and bowl meet, and it can also happen at the wall, but this is rare. A damaged wax ring usually causes a base leak. Outdoor faucet leaks often go unnoticed and are caused by loose washers or weather damage.

Signs that a Leak is Present

Baseboards Pulling Away

A leak within the walls can cause baseboards to warp and pull away from the wall.

Damaged Tiles

If you see broken tiles, they are cracking under the pressure of a water leak.

Dripping Faucets or Wet Faucet Bases

Seeing water drip from a faucet turned off or finding water around the faucet base are signs of a leak.


Mold Present on Grout

When you see black mold in the grout and tile, it’s essential to clean it properly.

Noisy or Hard to Turn Handles

Noisy or handles that are hard to turn indicates that the problem lies in the faucet. A worn-out faucet stem or another component may be the culprit. Howell Services can replace the entire faucet and solve your leaking faucet issue.  

If you see these signs or identify any common leaks in your home, call on the professionals! Call us at 281-232-5292 or visit us online to schedule your faucet repair today.

Why You Should Repair Faucet Leaks Now

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Leaks can cause extra wear on your faucets and your sink, and leaking faucets could cause more costly problems and cost you even more in wasted water. Faucets that leak at one drip per second waste over 3,000 gallons a year. And that waste will show up on your utility bill.

As soon as you identify a leak, call in a licensed plumber. Turn off the water to that location immediately. If you’re not sure where the leak is coming from, an experienced local plumber can locate your leak and address the issue.

Types of Faucets

The most common faucet types in the home:

Compression Faucets: Builders installed these inexpensive faucets in home plumbing systems for years. Washers inside that close off the water when you turn them off wear out and cause dripping. Solving this leak can be as simple as replacing the washers. 

Cartridge Faucets: These faucets employ two cartridges, one for the cold-water handle and the other for the hot water handle. A nut attaches plastic cartridges that often loosen and cause leaks. It also may be time to replace the O-ring. Bathroom faucets are where these cartridges are found. 

Ball Faucets: Commonly in the kitchen, these are single-handle faucets without washers. A metal ball controls the water flow. Our professional plumbers can replace the adjusting ring, washer, valve, or springs once they have determined the culprit. 

Ceramic Disc Faucets: These use two ceramic disks that are durable and corrosion-resistant. They are more expensive than the other options, but they are very reliable. If there is a leak, it is usually due to the seal or O-ring.

Call Howell Services for Leaky Faucet Repair

While a leaky faucet can be simple to repair, it’s crucial that you correctly identify the source of the leak and the proper fix for the problem. A licensed professional plumber should handle more complicated leaks.

Howell Services is here to help you with your faucet repair. We can quickly find the source of the leak and discuss the repair and replacement options with you. Schedule your appointment today or call us at 281-232-5292. We are proud to serve Sugar Land and the surrounding communities for two decades and provide emergency plumbing services.

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