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Whether you have a clogged toilet, a leaking kitchen sink, or blown pipe, we are your best choice for Needville Plumbing!

Known for our friendly, on-time services, we are considered the best plumbing company providing highly professional & trust worthy plumbers.

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Budget-Friendly Needville Plumbing

With affordable plumbing services starting, finding an experienced and quality plumber has never been easier. Don’t let tight purse strings keep you from needed inspections and repairs.

Our team will work with you to help find plumbing solutions without cost surprises. And if that wasn’t enough, we offer a wide array of seasonal coupons, allowing you to enjoy deep discounts on needed services.

Regular maintenance and identifying problems early on can help prevent costly, budget-devastating repairs later. Never worry that a bad pipe will wipe out your finances again.

The Quality That Matters in Needville

Our team of plumbing professionals are here to help Needville residents feel confident that their plumbing is being taken care of. We are willing to answer all of your questions and concerns.

We are on-time and courteous. Our technicians are more than just plumbers- they’re neighbors.

With hundreds of five and four star reviews all over Yelp, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau, our reputation speaks for itself. We do our best to handle all of your routine and emergency plumbing needs in the fastest, friendliest way we can.

A Wide Array of Plumbing Services

Howell Services offers a wide variety of services, handily able to take care of most major and minor plumbing issues. From clogged toilets to leaky drains, we do it all. Our technicians are trained in performing minimally invasive, efficient maintenance. Imagine being able to clear up hot water issues without having to change your water heater. That’s what Howell Services is able to do with you. We work with you to identify your most pressing issues and develop easy to implement solutions, ensuring your pipes will run smoothly for years to come.

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Our 23 Point HVAC Inspection

We recommend a comprehensive precision tune up and professional cleaning 2 times per year. Our precision tune up includes a 23 point check including the following:

  • Check & Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Clean and adjust burner assembly
  • Clean ignition assembly
  • Examine heat exchanger
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Test safety controls
  • Check & clean standard air filters
  • Clean and adjust blower components
  • Measure for correct air flow
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure volts/amps
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Adjust thermostat calibration
  • Clean evaporator coil if accessible
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Measure temperature difference
  • Apply protective coating to unit
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Adjust pilot
  • Monitor a/c and heating cycle

Notes: No repairs or improvements will be undertaken without customer authorization.

Service Location Areas

For HVAC Services in Montgomery County, please call 936-249-5008. We look forward to serving you!

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We've got some our clients leave us reviews.

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We've got some our clients leave us reviews.

  • Toilet Trouble - If your toilet is "gurgling" or leaking water into your floor or ceiling, or if your water bill is too high, or even if you have one of those 'water saver' toilets that need double flushing and a lot of plunging - Howell Services can quickly and economically solve your problem because our service trucks have 185% more parts in stock. This lets my plumber complete your job 70% faster, saving you money.
  • Water Filters - Stop wasting your hard-earned money on bottled water that may still be filled with dangerous chemicals like chromium. At Howell Services, we offer families throughout the Fort Bend area the opportunity to enjoy the best-filtered water from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Water Leak - A dripping faucet is an annoyance, while a leak in a hidden pipe is a nightmare. I will investigate to find the exact spot of the leak to minimize your cost and make it a little more pleasant experience.
  • No Hot Water - About 62% of the time I can get your hot water back on without replacing your water heater. And if you do need a new water heater, I'll normally have it installed in less than two hours, saving you both time and money.
  • Clogged Drain - It doesn't make any difference whether the clogged drain is at your home or business. I have high-speed 'rooter' equipment that can get the job done quickly.
  • Blocked Sewer - There are two main problems, a broken line, or tree roots. Howell Services is one of the few companies in the area that has Drain Vision™. This unique machine allows us to find your real problem quickly and virtually eliminates call-backs.
  • Gas Leak - If you smell gas don't mess around... call us right away. Howell Services is Certified, endorsed, and recommended for all types of gas piping systems.

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