Prepping Your Home for Winter

Temps are dropping in Sugar Land. While we are far from the depths of our winter season, it is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter. It is important to perform preventative maintenance to both your home plumbing and HVAC systems.

You may not think that our southern winters aren’t severe, and hopefully, this winter will not be. But earlier this year Houstonians found that it is possible. Houston does see freezing temperatures throughout the season. If your pipes freeze, the water inside them will expand, causing them to burst.  A burst pipe could lead to hundreds of gallons of water pouring into your home, damaging anything in its path.

It is also time to make sure your HVAC and heating system are ready to face the elements. While our winters are mostly mild, we know you want to keep your family comfortable. Taking these tips to winterize your home will also help you conserve energy and save money on utility bills.

Howell Services, and our expert plumbing and HVAC professionals, share tips for winter home prep.   

Plumbing Considerations

Winterizing your plumbing is essential to keeping your plumbing system in good condition and avoiding burst pipes. The first thing you can do is remember to leave your heat on a low setting all season. Walk around your house and check for any dripping faucets or leaks.

A Howell Services plumbing professional can perform a plumbing inspection before a freeze arrives. These inspections will keep your system running effortlessly and help you avoid costly repairs. Our pros can check your fixtures, supply lines, drains, water heater, and shut-off valve.

When a Freeze Arrives

When the temps hit the 20s, water in your pipes could freeze in roughly three hours. While a plumber has inspected your system, you should also follow these simple steps on nights when the temperature falls below freezing:

  • Turning your faucets on just enough to allow the water to trickle
  • Open your cabinet doors where sinks are to warm the pipes within
  • Regularly check for swelling in the pipe’s and call in a plumber before they burst
  • Disconnect water hoses from faucets and drain them
  • Drain water from exterior pipes, hose bibs, and faucets
  • Insulate and wrap exterior piping, hose bibs, faucets, and sprinklers
  • Drain your sprinkler system
  • If the forecast calls for extreme temperatures, consider turning off outdoor faucets at the shutoff valve

If Your Pipes Freeze

Even with prevention, pipes can freeze. When this happens, you have to wait for them to thaw. Attempting to rush this process could cause more damage. But there are some things you can do to mitigate your damages:

  • Check each faucet in your home to find the pipes that are frozen
  • Turn the faucets on to relieve pressure in the pipes as the ice begins to thaw
  • Turn off the main shut-off valve
  • Call Howell Services immediately

HVAC Considerations

To prepare your HVAC system for winter, call Howell Services for your annual furnace inspection and maintenance. Our licensed HVAC professionals can perform a furnace check to ensure you are safe throughout the colder months. A cracked heat exchanger can send carbon monoxide into your home. 

You can also perform a few of these things yourself:

  • Clean your condenser by clearing leaves, dirt, and dust
  • Check your thermostat and that the heater turns on when you are ready for it
  • Make sure you change your filter regularly to ensure efficient heating
  • Look for any seals, caulking, and weatherstripping that needs attention to keep drafts out
  • Check your home for any areas that aren’t as warm as other areas when the heater is on
  • Have a licensed HVAC professional perform a furnace check

Why Call in the Pros?

The best thing to do is to call a licensed plumber instead of handling seasonal maintenance yourself. Plumbing and HVAC systems are intricate, and professionals trained and experienced in these crafts have the tools and knowledge to get the work done more effectively.

Count on Howell Services to Get Your House Ready for Winter

When preparing your home for winter, it can be helpful to call in professionals. Howell Services can perform your winter inspection, keeping you safe and warm this season. We offer a Spring and Winter Inspection to keep your HVAC system in order all year long. Our licensed plumbers are available to perform a pipe inspection. They can also offer advice for preparing for the season. Howell Services is proud to serve Sugar Land and the surrounding communities. Give us a call at (281) 232-5292 or visit us online to schedule your appointment today!

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