Clean Shower head

You keep your bathtub and shower clean, but did you know your shower head needs a good cleaning, too?

For one thing, a shower head can get clogged with a noticeable build-up of mineral deposits, lime scale, rust or any combination thereof. If you notice that your shower seems to have reduced water pressure or an uneven spray, this “gunk” is likely the culprit.

And, as gross as it sounds, a clogged shower head can also harbor bacteria, thereby delivering a healthy blast of germs every time you turn on the spray. In fact, according to a study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, your shower head could actually make you sick.  Nobody wants that!

So, what can you do to clean and disinfect a dirty shower head?


If you’re the handy type, you can try cleaning the shower head yourself. Try these simple DIY tips:

  1. First, clear the nozzles on the shower head. Try massaging the rubber holes with your finger or an old, soft toothbrush to dislodge the debris. You can also insert a thin wire like the one found on a safety pin to unclog the nozzles.
  1. Next, clean the shower head* with white vinegar. White vinegar contains acids that can naturally break down the elements that have accumulated over time. Try one of the following methods:
  • Remove the shower head and soak it in a bucket of warm water and white vinegar for several hours or overnight. Or
  • Pour white vinegar into a plastic bag and use a twist tie or elastic band to secure it onto the shower head. Make there is enough vinegar to fully immerse the shower head. Leave it for several hours or overnight.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to loosen any remaining debris. Then, reattach the shower head (if you removed it) and flush with warm water.

*Note: For brass, gold, or nickel-coated shower heads, only soak for 30 minutes as vinegar can damage these finishes.

Not Handy?

If the DIY method doesn’t do the trick (or you just don’t have the time or energy), it’s time to replace your shower head!

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