The Benefits of a Mini-Split

Whether we’re trying to keep cool in the summer or warming up in the winter, maintaining the temps in our homes can raise our energy bills. For more efficient temperature control, a mini-split system can do the trick. If you’ve wondered just what a mini-split is all about, we share the details here.

As an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Mini-Split systems in Sugar Land and the surrounding communities, Howell Services can help you make the right decision for your home and handle your mini-split installation. Many people choose these systems because they are easier to install and use less energy. They are instrumental when you’ve added on to your home. If you have added rooms in your home or are building an apartment for rental income, installing ductwork is often not feasible.

What is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split ductless system uses a single unit for heating and cooling connected to individual units and thermostats placed around the home. These individual units can offer customized temperature settings in each room, and homeowners change the temperature with the thermostat or remote. 

The Elements of a Mini-Split

The main parts of a mini-split include:

Condenser and Compressor Unit

The condenser and compressor unit drives the entire system. Placed outside the house, it creates the air that circulates through lines and into the air handlers inside the home. The Mitsubishi mini-split has an INVERTER-driven compressor in the outdoor unit that uses just the right amount of energy, providing ultra-efficiency.

Lines for Refrigerant, Draining, and Power

There is a power line for each unit, a refrigerant line for cooling, and a condensation drain line.

Thermostat and Remote Controls

Each unit has a thermostat that can be either mounted on the wall or placed on a table. The thermostat can be Wi-Fi enabled or controlled by a smartphone app. The Mitsubishi mini-split system comes with remote control. You set the room to the perfect setting and turn off any unit when not in use. 

Air Handlers

Inside the home, air handlers expel the air into the room to maintain your chosen temperature. The refrigerant cools the room, and a fan-blown coil heats the room. Mitsubishi heat pumps reverse refrigerant flow to provide heating and cooling in the space.

What Makes Mini-Split Systems Energy-Efficient?

Mitsubishi’s mini-split inverter technology features variable speed airflow. When additional air is required, it increases its current, and when less air is needed, it slows down. This action uses less electricity, saving you money on energy costs.

Will a Mini-Split Work For My Family?

Mini-splits are a great alternative when you have grown tired of using window units, your energy costs are too high, you don’t have ductwork required for a full HVAC unit, you have hot or cold areas in your home, you are hoping to improve air quality, or have added a room onto your home.

Size Matters

A mini-split system is only able to cool or heat spaces that are less than 1,000 square feet.

Ample Insulation

Your room must have enough insulation. Without a sufficient amount of insulation, the mini-split will not run as efficiently.

Custom Heating & Cooling By Room

If a room within your home gets more sun, a mini-split can help to keep the room cool. If a particular room is drafty, using a mini-split can warm the room on winter nights.

Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

Controlled Use

Homeowners can use a mini-split system to cool or heat one zone in their home.  You can use timers to control the length of time the mini-split runs. Just wash and reuse the air filters. Choose a model with multiple units to connect to the outdoor unit, and you can zone your heating and cooling.

Easy Installation

Mini-split systems are easier to install than traditional HVAC systems, and no ductwork is needed. The system can be hung from the ceiling, mounted onto the ceiling or the wall.

Better Than a Window Unit

Window units can put your family’s safety at risk as intruders can quickly move them. A mini-split system needs only a tiny hole for installation, and your windows remain sealed and locked. Mini-splits are quieter and more attractive than window units.

Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi mini-splits are quiet as they cool and heat your home.

Howell Services & Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Howell Services is a Diamond Contractor or Mitsubishi Mini-Splits. Mitsubishi Electric provides energy efficiency, performance, and greater control of home cooling and heating.  We are proud to provide the products of this world leader in ductless heating and cooling for over five decades. Once installed, we can advise you on how to maintain your unit. To learn more about how a Mitsubishi mini-split system can help your home and family, call Howell Services today!

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