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Your toilet is not something that often comes to mind when you think about home maintenance, but when there is a problem – it isn’t something that can be put on hold for even a day.  When you need toilet repair and installation in Sugar Land, Texas, Howell Services has the plumbing professionals to quickly and efficiently take care of your service.

Other than those obvious signs, these are a few issues that signal that you require toilet service:

  • Toilet Not Flushing, Backing Up – If waste and materials get caught in your pipes, this can often be cleared up with a plunger.  If the backup is not clearing with vigorous plunging, it is time to call in qualified plumbing professionals.
  • Toilet Leaks – When you notice water ponding around your toilet base, this is your sign that it is time to call a plumber in to diagnose and handle the issue.
  • Running Toilets – If your toilet constantly runs after flushing or seems to start running out of the blue, there could be several things causing this problem. This must be mitigated immediately to save on your water bill.  This is not something that will go away on its own.  Howell Services has professionals who are trained in assessing the problem and fixing it right the first time.

To help you take a quick look at your toilet and mitigate any damages that may occur before calling a licensed plumber, we invite you to visit Top 10 Toilet Fixes Before You Call Your Plumber and Noisy Toilets: How To Get Rid Of That Noise Fast! for a few tips of our trade.

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Our team will repair your toilet, but it may need a full replacement if a more serious issue causes the issue.  When this happens, this is due to problems with the integrity of the toilet structure itself.

We also install new toilets for our customers looking to have a new look in their bathroom or wish to have a more eco-friendly toilet to help the environment or save money.  If you are wondering just how much you may spend on replacing your toilet, check out our blog post How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet?

Either way, we are here to help you determine the issue with your toilet, give you all the information to make an informed decision, and take care of the problem in the way that you decide.  Call us today to schedule your toilet repair or installation.

While you may consider handling the problem yourself, keep in mind that when homeowners pursue this endeavor without the expertise, they can cause more costly issues.  Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Call Howell Services to handle your toilet issues.

Toilet Repair Services

  • Clogged toilets
  • Toilet Installations
  • Wax Ring Replacement
  • Toilet Sealing
  • Toilet Flanges

Toilet Repair FAQs

Why does my toilet wobble?

A poorly secured toilet will wobble due to loose toilet bolts. When this happens, it will eventually begin to leak, causing damage to your flooring. A corroded or poorly set flange could also be the cause. IF neither are the problem, it may be due to your subfloor. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts on the bolts, but don’t tighten too much as this could break your toilet.

Check the floor around the flange. If it is spongy, repair this before putting your toilet back in place. The flange can be repaired with a repair ring or plate. For a stress-free repair, call Howell Services and our team will take care of your wobbling toilet. 

Why are all my toilets gurgling, but still flushing?

A blocked line causes gurgling toilets. The negative air pressure caused by the clog is pushing back, causing the sound. This is caused by a drain or toilet clog, blocked vent stack, or mainline or sewer line problem. Using a plunger, try to dislodge the clog. If this doesn’t work, you’ll want to try a snake or auger. If this doesn’t solve your problem, call Howell Services. Our licensed professionals have the expertise and heavy-duty equipment to clear your clog in no time. 

What are my options when replacing my toilet?

Choosing a toilet is a lot more involved than it used to be.  It can be confusing, so we will make it straightforward.  You are looking for a toilet that has a strong enough flush, fits your space, sits comfortably, and fits within your budget.  There are even options for those wishing to conserve water.

Toilets range between $100-$500 and vary in height and seat length.  Take your time and consider what works best for you.

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