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Top 10 Toilet Fixes Before You Call Your Plumber

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Toilets are important – very important. When you have an issue, you do not want to wait hours for an expert to arrive. They often fix the problem in minutes and leave you with a large bill. So here are ten things you should check, before you call the plumber in Katy, TX.

Running toilets

You’ll need to open the tank to examine the filling mechanism. There are two basic parts, the fill valve, located on the side by the water inlet, and the flapper, in the bottom of the tank.

  1. Fix the handle

Check the handle for proper operation. If it sticks, it will hold the flapper open. Adjust or replace as needed. Follow the package instructions.

  1. Fix the flapper

If the flapper is not sealing, adjust the length of the handle chain, or replace the flapper. It slips on and off easily. Follow the package instructions.

  1. Fix the fill valve

If the fill valve is not shutting off, it will need to be adjusted or replaced. Adjustment is done with a plastic screw-on top, or by sliding the float down slightly on its metal rod.

  1. Replace all interior components

Replace all components for the best results. This should solve any fill problems you have, takes less than an hour, and doesn’t cost much. Turn off the water supply and follow the package directions to replace the parts.

Clogged toilets

While running toilets are expensive, clogged toilets cannot even be used. Most clogs are simple. Over 90% can be solved with a tool that costs less than $10, a toilet plunger. Every house should have one. It can help you avoid calling the plumber in Katy, TX.

  1. Plunge the toilet

Position the rubber cup of the plunger in the bottom of the bowl to cover the hole. Press down to get suction and pull up vigorously, to release the clog. Repeat as needed.

  1. Use a closet snake or closet auger

If the plunger does not work, a “closet snake” also known as a “closet auger”, is your next best bet. You can find it at the hardware store. Feed the coiled wire into the toilet with a circular motion to clear the clog.

  1. Use a drain snake

You should snake out the drain if the toilet clog still doesn’t release after snaking the toilet. A larger snake, fed into the main drain outside the house can help remove debris further down the line. If the toilet is not the only plumbing having drain issues, this is probably the place to start.

  1. For your safety, avoid chemical drain openers

Resist the urge to use chemicals. Drain openers can damage pipes and if there are leaks, surrounding materials. They are also hazardous to use can cause breathing issues, skin irritations, and eye injuries from splashing. If you get to this point, you may need to call a professional.

Pulling the toilet

If you are brave enough to attempt it, removing your toilet is not complicated. You’ll need to have a new seal handy to replace the old one before you begin. Consult a visual reference to get an idea of what lies ahead, but this step can save you money over calling a plumber in Katy, TX, or elsewhere.

  1. Clear clogs at the floor flange

Turn off the water, disconnect the line, and empty the tank. A shop vac works well for this. Remove the two bolts in the base of the toilet and lift up to remove it. Check for clogs at the flange, where the toilet meets the floor, and clear any debris.

  1. Clear obstructions inside the toilet

Clear any obstruction inside the toilet. Clean the base of wax. If a wax ring was used, replace the wax ring, or rubber seal, and set the toilet back in place. Tighten the nuts, reconnect the water, and turn it on.

If after following these ten steps, you still have problems with your toilet and think you need a plumber, Katy, TX has some of the best. We’d be happy to serve you.

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