Top 7 Tips For Hiring the Perfect Plumber

When something runs afoul with your Sugar Land, TX, plumbing system, you understandably want an efficient remedy from the hands of an incredibly capable plumber.

Neglecting to hire experienced, professional plumbers that are adept at their craft can result in future costly repairs to integral components of your home, including your water heaters, toilets, faucets, and related fixtures.

Regrettably, not all plumbers are created equal, but there are some steps you can take to help ensure that you secure the services of the perfect plumber for your needs.

Let’s jump right into it with our Top 7 Tips For Hiring the Perfect Plumber:

  1. Check for licensure. The vast majority of states in the U.S. require all plumbers to hold a license, including Texas. If your plumber in the Sugar Land area doesn’t hold a license, that should be your first red flag.
  2. Ensure there’s insurance. Any plumber you work with should be fully insured. This protects both of you in the event of a freak on-the-job accident.
  3. Check online reviews and ask the plumber for references. Any plumber and/or plumbing company should be more than willing to immediately provide references upon request. If they appear hesitant to do so, this is a red flag. Also, another method to gauge consumer sentiment is to review the plumbing company’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) for online reviews.
  4. Lean on the opinion of other professionals. You may have relied upon the services of a professional in a related field recently, such as an electrician or air conditioning repair technician. If online reviews for plumbers in the Sugar Land area are few, inquire with these professionals for any contacts they trust that work within the industry.
  5. Ask about time in business. No matter the industry, the longer someone’s been working at their craft, the more skilled they are likely to be. Don’t neglect to ask plumbers how much individual experience they have, and/or how many years of combined experience a plumbing company boasts.
  6. Examine pricing closely. There’s more to the pricing equation than simply asking for a quote and agreeing to the lowest price.You’ll want to consult a number of plumbers—at least three—for separate estimates. Don’t dismiss a comparatively high estimate out-of-hand. Instead, inquire with the plumbing company as to why their price is notably higher than your other estimates. You may be surprised to find that they perform a more thorough operation, utilize superior tools and parts, and/or offer greater guarantees.Also, be wary of a surprisingly low job estimate. This may be indicative of a plumber that plans on “phoning it in” and performing a subpar job.
  7. Inquire about work guarantees. No matter which plumber or plumbing company you work with, the work that’s conducted should be guaranteed and fully backed by warranties. No exceptions. What does this mean, specifically? Simple: If a plumber suggests that either their work or the parts they are using are not covered for a substantive period of time following job completion, you should move on. A good goal to hold for yourself is to find a plumber that offers warranties that cover their work for up to a full year.

There you have it. If you perform your due diligence and follow our Top 7 Tips above to a tee, you should experience no issues securing the services of a talented, conscientious Sugar Land-area plumber.

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