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Top Four Methods for Keeping the Air in Your Home Healthy

Your home’s air quality is something few people spend an appropriate amount of time considering when tackling basic home maintenance tasks. It is hard to understand the importance of something you cannot see or taste, though the impact of neglecting this vital component can be felt with every sniffle, short breath, and nasty infection you are members of your family contracts. Here are some of the most effective ways of making sure the air in your home is as clean and pure as it should be.

Swap out Your Filters on a Regular Basis

There are few things more annoying than having to deal with hay fever. As Spring graces Texas in all its glory the pollen count is expected to shoot up to nearly biblical levels. The best place to avoid dealing with these allergens in your own home, though this respite can come to a premature end if your furnace’s air filter is not up to the task.

Filters are meant to be replaced at least once a year, though depending on your specific circumstances twice a year may be more appropriate. Have an expert from Howell Services come out to your home to determine which advanced filtration system is best for you. You will be amazed at how much your life can be improved by simply swapping out your air filter.

Keep Your Humidity Down

Keeping your air humidity low provides many benefits for you and your family, including reducing the need for air conditioning, reducing the risk of asthma symptoms, and preventing the rise of humidity-dependent mold spores. By having a dedicated dehumidifier installed and maintained, you will be able to quickly drop your home’s humidity level to the point where your family can live comfortably.

A dehumidifier system requires occasional inspections to make certain that harmful bacterial and other foreign objects do not flourish in the outlet. An HVAC specialist can quickly identify common issues and provide you with the solutions needed to enjoy dry air in your home today.

Eliminate Spores, Bacterial, and Viruses in Your Air

Washing your hands and scrubbing every possible surface can eliminate a large chunk of the risk in catching someone else’s cold or flu bug. However, there is one vector that you can’t clean directly – the air. Anything that can last on a surface can last in the air – making it vital that you consider installing a UV sterilization system. It is very simple – a special bulb puts out light in an area where all the air in your home is forced to go through. If installed right after the filter, it can help eliminate most of the airborne nasties before they have a chance to make you feel ill.

While installing this system is relatively simple, the location it must be put in requires someone with experience with HVAC systems. Turn to the experts at Howell Services today to make certain that your family has the clean air it deserves.

Clean Your Chimney

This is more about keeping your house standing than about keeping it clean. Chimneys have an annoying habit of collecting creosote, leaves, and wildlife, especially if they are not carefully maintained and cleaned. The last thing you want is your fire to spread out of the chimney, or possibly worse, the poisonous fumes from the burning gas or wood, so have an experienced chimney cleaner look at yours today.

Even if you do not use your fireplace, it is a good idea to have it looked at. The bricks have a limited lifespan and require maintenance, like any other part of your home. Protect your investment from the ravages of time and Mother Nature by stopping small cracks, holes in barriers, and weakening cement today.

Keeping the air in your home clean does not need to be a time-consuming nightmare. Schedule a visit from the professionals at Howell Services today and enjoy having the cleanest and most efficient HVAC system on your street tomorrow.

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