Why Those DIY Plumbing Videos Are Dangerous

Have you ever been in a discussion with your doctor and noticed the pained look on his or her face when you say, “But I Googled my symptoms and found this article online…?”  It’s much the same for the plumber who gets called in to fix the damage you didn’t intend to inflict with your do-it-yourself efforts. Self-diagnosis and treatment is not always a good thing.

Sometimes the temptation to save money is too great. Or maybe you’d like to feel like the homeowner hero who can tackle any job.  Those how-to videos call out to you with titles like “How to Unclog a Toilet Fast” or “How to Fix a Leaking Pipe Joint.” How do you know which repairs really are simple and safe to fix on your own and which are not?

Let’s walk through some of the situations and reasons for not relying on a how-to video when it comes to fixing your plumbing.

Licensing and insurance

If you’re looking up DIY plumbing videos online, you’re probably not a licensed, insured plumber. And it’s possible the instructor in the video isn’t, either!

A licensed and insured plumber will have completed the education and training necessary and be in possession of the appropriate certifications. This protects you and your home in the event there’s an accident or damage to your home caused by and during the repair. The guy in the video doesn’t offer any guarantee for success or any protection, and your homeowner’s insurance may not cover any damage you inflict yourself as an unlicensed “contractor.”

You don’t have the right tools

Let’s say you want to secure a faucet that’s located in a deeply recessed space.  The how-to video recommends using a telescoping basin wrench. Is that a tool that’s worth a trip to the hardware store to purchase? What’s the likelihood you would have success in using it? And how many times would you use it in the future?

A professional plumber will have this and any other tool needed to complete the job on his truck.

It looks easy, but it’s not

Sometimes a video is deceptive in that it makes it look easy to fix a plumbing issue. Maybe you begin following the steps and find that your pipes or parts don’t look quite like the ones in the video. Or you follow the steps and they don’t fix the problem (or even make it worse).

For example, let’s consider the frozen pipe. You may think a hairdryer or a blowtorch sounds like an easy fix. The homeowner in the video said so, right? But trying to “life hack” a frozen pipe can be downright dangerous due to increased pressure. Let a licensed plumber handle the job of gently thawing the ice, relieving the pressure, and repairing the pipe.

Remember, plumbing work done the wrong way can cause not only a major inconvenience but also extensive damage to your home.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Don’t risk making your plumbing problem worse and incurring more expenses by seeking repair guidance in a DIY video. When you call a professional to make a repair, you’ll save money in the long run because the problem gets fixed right…the first time.

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