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Winterizing Your Plumbing: Why It’s Worth it

We know, we know! You have enough to do during the holiday season and winterizing probably isn’t your top priority. But perhaps it should at least be on the list…

Every year getting your plumbing ready for the winter can be laborious, but a necessary step to take. The benefit of knowing you won’t have any unexpected and inconvenient problems with your pipes may just bring you some of that peace of mind that you’re after. With a little proactivity, you can check this ‘must-do’ off your list.

Typically, you have two options when it comes to winterizing the plumbing. The first option is to do it yourself. Not crazy about that idea? We understand and your second option is to hire a Sugar Land plumber. Either way, you choose, here are some of the more prominent reasons why giving this matter your attention is the smart thing to do sooner, rather than later.

Pipe Leaks

Adequate insulation. It’s a real problem that lurks behind walls and underground. Neglecting to adequately insulate your pipes for the winter season can result in cracking. Where there is cracking, there is often leakage that can occur. Even if for 5 winters in a row no leak has made itself visible or known, it does not guarantee that cracking won’t eventually hit your pipes in the future. In fact, it’s a possible disaster waiting to happen in your own home or business.

To begin the process of insulating your pipes, you must identify all the ones that are exposed to the outside air. Unless you built your home yourself, this may be difficult to identify without a Sugar Land plumber. These pipes exposed to the outside will be the most vulnerable and need to be dealt with first. This is often where the lack of insulation is most recognizable. Not sure how to insulate a bunch of pipes? Then you can call a plumber in Sugar Land TX  to sort the matter out for you.

Outside Water Systems

Not thinking about water the grass this time of year or putting goldfish in the ornamental pond? It’s probably a good idea if you do think about how to winterize the plumbing on these outdoor fixtures. The consequence if you don’t? There’s a high likelihood that the pipes could crack as the cold season passes. To begin this process, you’ll need to completely flush the water out of the system. Why? Because water that is trapped within the pipes will expand during freezing and can increase the likelihood of the pipes cracking under duress.

To flush the water out you’ll need to use pressurized air to literally blow the water out from one end to the other. Simply blow the air until you can no longer see any more water coming out of the system. The complexity of this task will depend on the complexity of the system from which you are trying to get the water out.

As always, we’re ready to do the sometimes dirty work to make sure you won’t have any plumbing surprises this winter!

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