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We specialize in residential and small business plumbing, drain cleaning, air conditioning and heating service. We employ only the most qualified technicians in the industry and offer the best service available to the Fort Bend County area.

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Keeping It Clean: Why You Should Give Your Shower head a Scrub

You keep your bathtub and shower clean, but did you know your shower head needs a good cleaning, too? For one thing, a shower head can get clogged with a noticeable build-up of mineral deposits, lime scale, rust or any combination thereof. If you notice that your shower seems to have reduced water pressure or an uneven spray, this “gunk” is likely the culprit. And, as gross as it sounds, a clogged shower head can also harbor bacteria, thereby delivering a healthy blast of germs every time you turn on the spray. In fact, according to a study conducted by...

Is Your Local Plumber Insured? Here’s Why It’s Important

Insurance is protection. You have it to protect your life, your health, your business, your car, your home. So, when it comes to people who perform repairs on your house, doesn’t it make sense to hire contractors who are insured? When you’re in need of a plumbing repair, you probably start your search for a local plumberby getting recommendations from friends and family or going online to find rave reviews about quality and pricing. While those endorsements are certainly part of what you take into consideration in making a choice, there’s another important qualification you should seek out: whether or...

Five Things You Can do to Keep Your Water Heater from Crying

There are few things more distressing than coming home to find your water heater throwing a temper tantrum, crying up a river in your basement. Keeping it happy and tear-free does not have to be a challenge - here are five simple things you can do today to help your water heater stay dry-eyed for years to come. However, if it does fail do not hesitate to contact a nearby plumber in Richmond, TX. Howell Services is ready to dry your water heater’s tears around the clock. Take the Pressure Off As strange as it may sound, being able to...

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