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Howell Services specializes in residential and small business plumbing, drain cleaning, air conditioning and heating service. We employ only the most qualified technicians in the industry and offer the best service available to the Fort Bend County area.

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11 Surefire Tips for Finding a Great HVAC Contractor

  When you need air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, you need it now. You want an experienced, licensed, insured, contractor that can fix your problem quickly, with a minimum of expense. So, how do you find this magical contractor? Here are eleven tips for finding the right air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. (more…)

Top 10 Homeowner Plumbing Checks Before Calling Your Plumber

All proper homes need a smoothly functioning plumbing system. Along with the electrical and heating system, it forms the holy trinity that turns a house into a comfortable home! Plumbing repairs and replacements don’t exactly come cheap. Knowing exactly when to call in expert assistance can often result in savings to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Check out the following plumbing tips for homeowners to deal with basic plumbing issues, and if you are in Sugar Land or Katy, TX, area, feel free to drop us a line for experienced plumbers and advanced plumbing solutions! (more…)

Top 10 Toilet Fixes Before You Call Your Plumber

Toilets are important - very important. When you have an issue, you do not want to wait hours for an expert to arrive. They often fix the problem in minutes and leave you with a large bill. So here are ten things you should check, before you call the plumber in Katy, TX. Running toilets You’ll need to open the tank to examine the fill mechanism. There are two basic parts, the fill valve, located on the side by the water inlet, and the flapper, in the bottom of the tank. Fix the handle Check the handle for proper operation.

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